Two days and going strong!

Today,  I finished my second day with my students. I just started to actually work one-on-one with my students. I must say I am very excited for this school year because I have a wonderful group of students. I will make this post short and to the point, and I will update later on this week. I wanted to post some pictures of my classroom setup. I actually ended up taking some items down already (it was a little to crazy for a special education classroom), but I really had fun decorating and getting ready for this school year!
 My Pinterest file crate seats!
 My crayon wreath.
 My pencil flower holder.
 Word wall and birthday cupcakes.
 Writing center and writing board.
 Listening center and reading board.
 Daily 5 and Cafe resource board.
 My classroom door (including my crayon wreath!)
 My desk and resource bookshelf.
 Paper and material station.
 Stuffed animals reading bin (you have to love the Kohl's stuffed animals).
 View of the writing center table and my seats.
 Epson board with awesome welcome sign from Teachers Pay Teachers.
 Leveled book library (plus book return and book hospital bin.)
 Math resource board 1.
Math resource board 2.