November Currently Me!

Wow! Is it really November already? I have no idea where this school year has gone, but boy is it flying by! So, I am linking up with Currently November to kickstart November!

1. Listening to… Taylor Swift's new cd! I am not ashamed to say I love it!

2. Loving… that it is getting closer to Christmas! I just love Christmas time and I really cannot wait to decorate!

3. Thinking about.. everything that needs to get done, ugh! Report cards, progress reports, homework, lesson plans, and so on. 

4. Wanting.. to decorate for Christmas of course (I don't think this needs anymore of an explanation).

5. Needing to.. finish reports cards, but I just don't want to!

6. Reading… I wish I had more time to do this, right now I have a pile of like 10 magazines I would like to read. 

Five for Friday.. and the winner is...

Three weeks done already?! I am not sure where these last three weeks went, but we are finally starting to get our routine together! We are loving Go Noodle and my kids beg to do multiple brain breaks in a day!

And the winner is… Beth, I will be in contact soon to get your address. Congrats!

We love playing Sight Word Jenga! I put the pre-primer through second grade sight words on the Jenga blocks using my label maker. This makes it really easy to diffierentiate because I can just give each student the color of the sight word list they need to work on, and that is the colored word they need to read me on their Jenga block they pull out. This has also really helped us work together as a team! The only thing we are still working on, is not screaming when the tower falls over :). 

We love Go Noodle! Today our guy grew four arms and everybody thought it was the coolest thing! I love having all of the brain breaks at the tip of my fingers, and not having to go through all of the hops to sign into Youtube!

We started our new math program this week, I am not sure how I am feeling about it, but the students sure had fun playing teacher. We were working on word problems, so I let them take turns drawing and explaining the addition word problems on the board. 

Week 1 of Interactive Reading Journals was a huge success! They worked even better then I thought they would. The kids asked all week long when they could add more to their notebooks. I think it will be really cool when the whole notebook is full and they can look back at all of the hard work they have done. 

That is all for now, have a great weekend!

Currently September!

Wow, it is already September?! That is really hard to believe, because this summer just flew by. However, I am linking up with Farley for Currently Me, September Edition! Also, don't forget about my $20.00 dollar target gift card giveaway,  in my previous post!

Listening: I literally just rolled out of bed and turned the tv on, so I am listening to Good Morning America. It is nice to be able to watch these types of shows when we are not in school!

Loving: I am loving having an extra day to get everything done! We have only been back a week, but I really am in need of a day off!

Thinking: About everything I need to do today! Lesson plans, cutting and laminating, and of course working out! IT will all get done though!

Wanting: I think I need to buy some new fonts on TPT. I am really loving some of the fonts I have seen lately and I may just be a little jealous. :)

Needing: I really do not need anything! I did my grocery shopping already for the week, so I  am good to go!

3 Trips: I really would love to just go anywhere, but Paris, California, and the Bahamas are defiently places I would like to see some day!

One Week Down and Five for Friday!

What a week it was! This week was so busy it is almost a blur! I have some of the same students from last year and a few new students. It was nice to see all of my students on Monday, I truly did miss them over the summer! Monday and Tuesday the kids just worked on routines and some getting to know you activities in their homerooms. Wednesday is when the fun really started, so I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. Also, make sure you read to number 5, so that you do not miss out on my special giveaway!

I basically bought a new wardrobe, so I had to show off some of my new outfits. Here is what I wore this week:

For those of you don't already now, because I was slacking in the blog world. I am officially down 62 pounds! I got my next 5 pound sticker last Saturday!

And if you do not already know I am obsessed with Pure Barre! I took my 80th class today. Only 20 more to go until I am in the 100 tuck club! So excited!

My theme this year is polka dots and superhero students! It worked out really well, because I got a new student who is in love with superheroes. We talked about superhero student traits (from Katie King) and did a couple writing assignments/ activities this week. 

Finally,  it is Friday (woo hoo!) and I am giving away a 20 dollar Target Gift Card! Make sure you enter below! Also, I will be having many other giveaways throughout the year, so make sure you are following me!

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New blog design, new classroom reveal, and a pretty awesome giveaway!

Welcome back! I know it has been awhile since I have blogged, but I will be back at it this entire school year, I promise! I will be posting many awesome intervention tools, lots of freebies, and awesome giveaways this school year! This blog post may be a little long, but hang on, I promise you will like the end :).

School starts on Monday for me and my classroom is finally setup! I still have a million things to do before then (parent letter, make copies, get student binders together etc. etc.), but I am getting there! This summer I got a new floor, celling, and a fresh coat of paint in my classroom. So did I really get a new classroom? The answer is no, but boy does it look awesome! I am so excited to start this school year and get rolling, but as you know it can be a little stressful too.

To kick things off I am linking up with My Carolina Classroom for my classroom reveal!

A view of my classroom, looking from the front of the room, to the back of the room. I am really loving how the black makes everything pop!

 My classroom library and I am probalby the most excited for this part of my room! I made sure every book was leveled or categorized and put into the correct bin. I used Kindercraze's awesome library label kit from TPT!
 This is a view of the front of my classroom. I moved the kidney table up by the front board, so that I am able to incorporate more technology into my lessons.
This is the view of my front bulletin board. I love having Kindercraze's classroom rules in frames, they just look so pretty! Also, we do calendar on a weekly basis, have a school wide behavior system, and this is where will post my "I can" statements (on the blue chart).
This is a picture of my desk, very similar to last year, I just changed the material on the top. I still love my teacher toolbox, it really helps to keep me super organized! 

I love my new word wall this year! It is so much easier to read and looks a lot neater. Thank you Julie Shope and Classroom Canvas for awesome products!

Finally, this is a view of my window wall. I have some important anchor charts and many manipulatives in this area. I labeled everything with Kindercraze's black dots label set!

Well I hope you made it through this blog post and I hope you are liking my new classroom and new blog design as much as I am! If you are looking for a new design, I highly recommend PJs Design Laboratory. He was very easy to work with, very quick, and obviously does amazing work!
View his site here!

And finally the moment you have been waiting for… in celebration of a new school year and an awesome new blog design I am giving away a $20.00 Target gift card! All you have to do is make sure you are following me and then enter below. I hope you have a great start to this school year!

a Target Gift Card Giveaway!

Currently March

Linking up with Farley for Currently March!

I have been super busy lately with classes and getting ready for my final observation. I am hoping things start to slow down a little bit and that the weather makes a turn for the better. We are currently up to 8 snow days and we are suppose to get a lot of snow this weekend, ugh! I should be back next week with some activities from Read Across America Day. Well until next time, take care!

-Miss Crafty Teacher <3 

Five for Friday Linky!

Made it to Friday, woo hoo! Lots and lots of fun this week. 100th Day of School and Valentine's Day Parties! Not to mention a four day week for students' because of professional development today. 
 The 100th Day of School was celebrated on Thursday! I planned lots of fun activities and my students' had a blast. See my last blog post or click the above picture for more details on the 100th Day!

I got my 5% sticker this week at Weight Watchers. I still have a long while to go, but I was super excited about this small accomplish. 

On the above note, when I was coming out of the gym on Thursday, I slipped on ice and sprained my ankle. I have never had pain like this before and my foot is now extremely bruised. Luckily I did not break anything, but I did miss the 100th day and Valentine's Day parties. 

I got my students' goodies for Valentine's Day. I just love being able to give my students' something for their parties, even if it is just something little. 

Finally, I received awesome feedback on one of my grad papers. It really helps boost my confidence when I can see that I am doing well and doing what is required! 

Have a great weekend and have a great week next week. Until next Friday, take care!
-Miss Crafty Teacher