Happy 100th Day of School!!

We finally made it (well almost)! I worked so hard on making so many 100th Day activities and luckily I spent a few hours last night setting them up for today, because after I went to the gym last night I slipped on ice and sprained my ankle, oy vey. However, my students' still had a fun 100th day of school even though I was not there (my  colleague sent me pictures of them working on their 100th day activities, which made my day a little better!)
I made a sign and put up some streamers to help greet students for the 100th Day!
I then left my students' some stickers, a pencil, the materials for their necklace, a pair of 100 glasses (which took forever to cut out, but so fun), and the pictures I took of them now and as a 100 years old (using the Old Fart Booth Application).

Then, I made an estimation station. Each jar either had a 100 items or less than 100 items. Students' had to go around and guess which ones had 100 items. 
Another station was counting by 10s hopscotch. Very simple, but my students' LOVE anything that gets them moving. 
Finally, they worked very hard on creating their 100th day cereal necklaces. They had to put a marker at every 10 pieces of cereal. 

Well that was our 100th day in a nut shell. I am sad I had to miss it, but I am glad my students' had a blast. 

-Miss Crafty Teacher

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