Christmas Questionnaire


Trying to get back into starting blogging again. What better way to start then with a little Christmas questionnaire from Fabulous in First! 
Hot Chocolate or Eggnog?
I honestly like both. My grandmother always had eggnog at Christmas time, so I grew up with it. However, when it is cold outside (which is almost always now) there is nothing better then a warm cup of hot chocolate with some whip cream on top!
Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
Growing up Santa always wrapped every present unless it was something very large. The suspense of ripping the presents open on Christmas morning was always worth all the wrapping. 
Colored lights or white?
I do like both types of lights and it really just depends on what they are on. I like Christmas trees with white lights better, they look more elegant. However, I do like colored lights outside on houses more then just plain white lights. 
When do you decorate?
I always decorate the day/ weekend after Thanksgiving. It has been harder and harder each year to wait to decorate, though! Speaking of decorations, I have had a fake Santa that sings and dances for a few years now, here is a picture of him along with my normal Christmas tree in the background. 
Real or fake tree?
I have always had a fake tree. They are much easier to put up and down, they do not make a mess, and they are somewhat less of a fire hazard. I recently had a roommate move in, so I put a lot of my stuff in storage. My Christmas stuff is buried but I could not live without having a Christmas tree, so I purchased a little one.

Favorite Christmas memories or traditions?
Everything about Christmas is a favorite memory or tradition for me! I love everything from giving gifts to others, to driving around looking at Christmas lights, to singing Christmas carols and so much more! One of my favorite things still is going to church around Christmas time and seeing how beautifully decorated my sanctuary is, I just love it! 

Do you remember your favorite gift as a child?
I feel like I had many favorite gifts as a child. I always received lots of books from Santa. I always would get so excited to get a whole new series to read. I remember getting the whole Little House Prairie Series Box Set. 
Do you prefer giving or receiving?
Without a doubt I would rather give a present any day over receiving one. The anticipation of waiting for someone to open a present and hopefully bring a smile to their face, is almost too much for me to handle at times. 
What is your favorite Christmas song?
I have a million favorite Christmas songs. However my favorites are Do You Hear What You I Hear? and Mary Did You Know? I sing in the church choir and these are definitely favorites of mine!

Candy Canes. Yuck or yum?
I really don't care for them. They are not bad, but I can live without them. Bring on the chocolate!
Favorite Christmas movie?
The Santa Clause
Do you shop online or at stores?
Both! I just love shopping, end of story!

Photo cards, letter, or store bought cards?
I send store bought cards, as of now. However I love the photo cards. Maybe one day if I have kids I will send photo cards instead. 
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