Elf in the Classroom Linky Party!

I am joining the Elf in the Classroom Linky Party! Click the link above to link up. I did not blog about week 1 yet, so this blog entry will include Week 1 and Week 2. Having an elf has brought so much joy and excitement to my students. It has been worth every minute! I think I am having just as much fun as my students are. 

Day 1:
Santa sent our elf and left him sitting by the Christmas tree. We read the book and watched the movie on this day. My students were very excited to have the elf. However, they were also a little confused at how this elf could be real and make it to the North Pole every night. 

Day 2:
We decided to name him Gingerbread! He was hanging out in our alphabet tree on this day. 
Day 3:
Gingerbread liked his name so much, he decided to write it all over the classroom. He also got stuck hanging upside down from the front board. 

Day 4:
Gingerbread was playing some basketball and got stuck in the hoop. My students were afraid he was either going to fall or that he would not be able to get himself unstuck, he made it out just fine however. ;)

Day 5:
Gingerbread felt left out, so he added his name to our word wall. This day was very dramatic. Gingerbread was hanging just fine in the morning and when I went out for Door Duty he must have fallen off of the chart. When we came in, in the morning my students were very afraid that he was hurt or that he would lose his magic, but everything worked out just fine. Also, My students could not get past his sloppy writing, silly elf. 

Day 6:
Gingerbread left my students a note, with a good report back to Santa and also a chain to help us count down the days until Christmas break. 

Day 7:
Gingerbread decided to read some of his favorite books. My students loved that when they came in he was reading his own book. 
Day 8:
Gingerbread left us some jingle bells for our door, so that he can hear us coming. He also decided to hide on top of one of our speakers. 

Day 9: 
Gingerbread decided to have a Candy Land party with our Candy Land sight word game. He even invited some of our reading buddies to join him.

Day 10:
Gingerbread decided we needed some more Christmas cheer. He put up a strand of lights around our dry erase board. This just made my students day and of course I was happy because it was Friday!

One more week to go! I am glad it is almost Christmas break, but I will be sad to see Gingerbread head back to the North Pole. This has been a blast having an elf. Seeing the joy and excitement in my students has made it beyond worth it! Until next week, happy "elfing" my blogging friends!

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  1. I love how busy your elf has been! It is incredible how this activity can keep students focused!

    Searching for Teacher Balance