Currently Snowing ~ January Edition!

Happy 2014! I cannot believe it is a new year already. Hoping that 2014 is a fabulous year for everyone! I am linking up with Farley for the first Currently Me of the year.

To briefly summarize everything up, currently I am doing anything to not work on school stuff. I really need to get started, since break is almost over, but I really am enjoying doing nothing! 

Listening: I have been watching/ listening to the TV series, Dance Academy on Netflix. It is kind of cheesy, but I am now hooked and cannot stop watching!

Loving: I am loving not having to be anywhere and watching the snow fall from inside. 

Thinking: I am thinking about everything that needs to get done. Did I mention I have yet to even start planning for next week. 

Wanting: I really could use another week of winter break. I do not know if I would be any more productive, but it would be nice. 

Needing: I really need to get working on my lesson plans and all of the school stuff I brought home. 

Memory: I really enjoyed getting to see my family for Christmas. 

Here is to a great 2014 and some pictures of this lovely snow storm.

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-Miss Crafty Teacher


  1. I just found your blog over at Farley's Currently. I love the pictures of the snow as I grew up in Rhode Island and have moved to Florida. I am happy to say I don't miss shoveling it though:)

    I too need to work on plans for next week and get off the computer!

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. I am doing a lot of procrastinating too. I am a self proclaimed world's best procrastinator. But... doesn't it feel good to NOT stress about work and just enjoy time! We need it! (I won't be saying this when I am buried in school work this weekend haha)
    Third Grade Tidbits

  3. My view outside my window looks exactly like yours! We're getting about 14 inches in Boston! Yikes!! Good luck with your lesson planning! I have been doing everything BUT!!

    The Rungs of Reading