Five for Friday Linky Party!

It is already February… I still can not believe this! Time just flies by and I have no idea what haas happened in the mean time, oy vey! 

I finally finished my Sight Word Cards! I am so excited to use these in my classroom and I just put them up on Teachers Pay Teachers. I really feel that these will be a great tool to help my students with sight word fluency, and in context! Click the picture above to get these now!

I started Grad School in January and I am going a little crazy with how busy I am. This has been my life every night lately. I feel like I can never get ahead, but it will be worth it in the end!

We have had 7 snow days, since the end of winter break. I am starting to go a little stir crazy and feeling a little stressed with how far behind I am in my classroom. However, one snow day I decided to make a chain showing the days left until the Color Run. 91 more days and I am super excited.  

We started really working on sounding out and blending CVC words in my Kindergarten group. They love the CVC practice cards from Cara Caroll's Filling in the Gaps packet. Everything is already cut out and ready to go, so very easy for me as well!

Finally, My 2nd graders have been working very hard with estimating and their overall number sense. They love to circle the numbers on their 120s chart to help them visualize what number to round to. This chart is from Anna Brantley's, Common Core: Numbers to 120. 

Thank you for checking in! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hopefully I will see you next week as well!

-Miss Crafty Teacher


  1. 7 snow days? Wow! Do you have to make all of them up? That's a bummer!

  2. I am in Ohio, so we get 5 calamity days we can use. However, every school district is now over the 5 so they are trying to pass a bill to give us 4 more days for this year, so hopefully we will not have to make them up. This has surely been one winter unlike any other!

  3. SEVEN snow days! Good grief! Well, I hope they declare a state of emergency and you do not have to make them up. That's what happened in Alabama recently. The Birmingham area schools missed three days, but the Governor made it an Emergency so no makeup. Here's the reasons though: In Alabama (right now) we have to start school after August 15 and end before Memorial Day so that the summer lasts longer. So, we have ZERO built in days for missing. WHY do we have this state law?? Because our legislature thought it would help with state tourism and our beaches. Yep! The law, thank goodness was changed and next year will be better!

    Nice to meet you- through Doodlebugs Linky
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. Wow that's crazy! I'm in New Zealand and in the middle of summer here so it seems unreal that it can be so different where you are (plus we never get anywhere near that cold even in the midst of our winters). I've just found your blog through the linky and started following along :)

    I'm just about to start studying AGAIN as well.... eeeek!!!!

    Good luck with yours!

    x Serena x
    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  5. I know the feeling of being behind in class but only because we, here in south TX, don't normally miss for winter weather. We had 2 this year. I can't even imagine how behind we'd be with 7!! I'm so excited to hopefully be starting Graduate school in the summer. I thought it'd be best to start in the off season so I can get used to it before I have to juggle both school Ha! After all, it has been a loooonng time since I was the student. What is your degree focus? I'm thinking C&I (don't really want to be an administrator).

  6. I do not want to be an administrator either! My undergrad is in special education, so my masters is a continuation of special education. I was thinking about changing it to a focus on reading, but I am not sure. It is suppose to be really cold again tomorrow, I am really hoping no snow day, but we shall see.